A lover of Christ

Dare to dream

“To be happy, free and alive once more!”, were the words I once told myself.

That was before I knew God, and everyday seemed like an endless loop of repeated cycles. I disliked it very much. Then again I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. But deep in my heart I knew that there was more. Something waiting to be uncovered, to be discovered.

Maybe the time isn’t now, and I had to wait.

My journey was one that began from nowhere to somewhere. I was scattered, mis-used, thrown, rejected and disliked. That was what I felt. I was broken, torn and disillusioned. How can good exist in a world that is the opposite? I questioned. Not ready to give up, fighting, and always seeking the truth. But little did I know that grace had already begun in my life.

I had to no idea where I was going but I followed that still small voice. I trusted, and went along with it, to a place of refuge- where I call Home.


I was content. Those three months were heavenly.

I had peace in my heart. Knowing that I am safe and well-taken care of. But it was also a moment of purification. Of finding myself, loving myself and being cared for by others.

Growing up, was difficult. But it was what I needed, to be who I am today.


Now, my journey has only just begun, will you walk with me on my escapades with God?



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